Celebrate World Heart Day

1010876_798867366791884_5133800719580175805_nCelebrate World Heart Day with Wellness Express!
September 29, 2014 is World Heart Day. Started by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day looks to garner support and recognition for Cardiovascular disease (CVD) on both national and international agendas. They promote making “heart choices NOT hard choices, “ and promote the implementation of heart health environments in school, workplaces, and homes.


What some people may not know is Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer. In 2014, 17.3 million people will die from CVD, and the number will only keep rising. While people can sabotage their own health through smoking, drinking, and poor eating and exercise choices, The World Heart Federation recognizes that environments play a role in heart disease. Often the harmful environments we are interacting in are the ones we cannot control. Some of the factors that contribute to unhealthy heart environments include unhealthy school meals, displays of tobacco and fast food products, and second hand smoke in parks and public place. They are leading a campaign for change because everyone deserves to live heart healthy if they so choose.


You can Click here for the official web page of World Heart Day. You can simply pledge your support or become a voice for heart health through social media. They have over 1600 supporters already, and you could be next. Social media makes it easy to be an advocate for heart health. You can add a badge to your facebook or twitter, or use one of their hashtags to join the growing community talking about heart health. #heartchoices #worldheartday


Prevention is our best ally in the fight against Cardiovascular Disease. Don’t wait until it affects someone you love to become an advocate. Make the pledge today and start making #heartchoices, not hard choices, for yourself and your family.


All information and statistics provided by http://www.worldheartday2014.com/ and the World Heart Federation.


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