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Lafayette Parish School System

It’s easy to put off that flu shot, but when Wellness Express brings it to the office, it’s a cinch. Our employees are more likely to keep up with their shots and stay healthy — and a healthy workforce comes to work! I am very satisfied with Wellness Express’ personal touch and eagerness to meet our needs.

Mona Bernard
Office of Risk Management


Frank’s International

Wellness Express has allowed us to provide flu shots to employees on-site, thus minimizing the amount of time employees are otherwise away from work. They don’t have to spend time traveling to or from a clinic or sitting in a waiting room. Also, they don’t have to pay anything “up-front” and wait to be reimbursed. To sum up: Convenience to all concerned.

Thomasine Hollier
Manager, Group Health Benefits


PHI, Inc.

Wellness Express lets us accommodate our employees while they are at work, and our employees love the convenience and knowledgeable staff. We have been working with Wellness Express for more than six years and do not plan to make any changes. Shirlene and Tommie are part of our PHI family.

Julie Anne Broussard
Wellness Coordinator

John B.

Being a avid runner for most of my adult life, previous to getting a B-12, I would find my energy levels pretty low especially in hot weather and after long runs. Since I began taking the B-12 shot bi-monthly about three years ago, I find that my energy level as increased, I sleep much better and I feel a lot less stressed.

Cindy Fay

A short time back, due to the disease being excessively active I switched from B-12 injections to LIPO injections (an injection of the B vitamins along with a purer mix of B-12) and found this injection to be even more effective. I find my energy level much higher, I am not as tired and my mood is merrier due to feeling better.